Affiliate Accounts

The B-to-B tool to distribute your training content as a ready-to-go branded online academy to customers


Distribute your training lessons in a ready-to-go online academy

What is an Affiliate Account?

Selling your training content to your customers isn't enough if they also need to locally administer the training to their students. Why sell just your content when you can sell a ready-to-go online academy pre-loaded with your content and branding?
Welcome to the powerful reach of an Affiliate Account.
Affiliate accounts are fully-branded extensions of your own parent account and enable you to share or sell your content lessons to other companies and schools in need of a turn-key training solution. Each affiliate can build and administer in-person classes to their students using your lessons. All revenue generated by each affiliate flows back to the parent account.
For example,
  • Franchises – WeEAT is a national restaurant company with over 200 franchises located around the country. They have produced a new training program, but want each of the 200 franchises to locally administer the online training program to their employees. WeEAT can invite their 200 restaurants to create a WeEAT-branded Affiliate Account, share their lessons with them, and allow each restaurant to administer the training locally.
  • Sell to Customers – EducationSolutions, Inc. produces and sells safety training programs to universities under the EducationSolutions, Inc., brand. An instructor in each university can build his in-person classes according to each school's needs. EducationSolutions has negotiated a different licensing deal with each school and can set unique pricing for the lessons licensed with each school.  All revenue flows directly to EducationSolutions, Inc.
  • Distribute to National Chapters – The National Firefighters Association wants to distribute an online class to all firehouses in their organization to provide up-to-date training. They can invite each chapter to create their own Affiliate Account, then distribute the lessons to them all, allowing each chapter to build and manage their own training programs locally.
When you set-up each affiliate, you can set the pricing and permissions for how they can use your lessons, which lessons they can access, and for how much.  Whether you choose to distribute your training for free or license them at a price, AccuSkills gives you the flexibility to decide for each affiliate.
What can you do with an Affiliate Account?

What can you do with an Affiliate Account?

Affiliate Accounts provide a full range of student management tools, including:

• 1 instructor account
• Unlimited in-person classes
• Unlimited students
• Group testing tools
• Class discussion forums
• Integrated class calendar
• Student metrics and reports
• Full GradeBook

What Does it Cost?

What Does it Cost?

Only AccuSkills Gold Tier accounts can create Affiliates.

Affiliate accounts have no monthly fees and are only charged a $10 platform fee per student, per class. Each Affiliate can upgrade to a standard Enterprise account if they would like to unlock more features.