• Create Incredible Training Lessons
    Create Incredible Training Lessons With no coding necessary, build beautiful content lessons to engage your learners
    • Upload and edit fully-hosted videos
    • Create vibrant illustrated text
    • Build interactive projects
    • Create test questions
    • Easily to create, update, and distribute
    • Mix and match into live classes and online courses
  • Share and Sell Your Training Lessons
    Share and Sell Your Training Lessons Share lessons with other instructors and institutions, buy and sell lessons on the Lesson Marketplace
    • Seamlessly link training across departments and institutions
    • Add content from industry leaders to your curriculum
    • Sell your lessons to other companies and schools
    • You own, control, and profit from your content
  • Build Lessons into Classes and Courses
    Build Lessons into Classes and Courses Combine lessons to create engaging in-person classes, or online certification
    • Create in-person classes and online courses
    • Award and manage certifications
    • Integrated test and project managers
    • Powerful student and instructor analytics
    • Fully white labeled with custom URLs
    • Integrated e-commerce processing and payment

Teach Everyone

  • Corporate Training

    Corporate Training

    Whether you’re training 10 or 10,000 employees or customers, AccuSkills is scalable, flexible, and adaptable to virtually any learning environment.

  • Academic Training

    Academic Training

    The superior solution to expensive, bloated LMS’s, AccuSkills gives you the tools to create, share, and integrate your curriculum in one powerful platform.

  • Individual Training

    Individual Training

    Extend your reach and sell your training courses to individuals world wide for a profit. Now anyone can learn... anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to eOS

The New Educational OS

Clunky, old SCORM based LMS's are old news.

Welcome to the new fully integrated, beautifully powerful, yet simply intuitive plug-n-play educational platform that adapts to you.

Make it Your Own

Make it Your Own

Customize the look and feel of AccuSkills for your users
  • Create a custom URL
  • Custom landing pages
  • Fully design and brand lessons
  • Event pages
Make Money

Make Money

Fully-integrated, flexible e-commerce solutions
  • Sell your training or offer it for free
  • Process credit cards
  • Powerful financial analysis tools
  • Revenue and expense reporting
Made to Work

Made to Work

Cloud-based backbone for consistency and reliability
  • Complete video hosting and editing
  • Global servers for 99.9% uptime
  • Scalable hardware support
  • Robust technical support

Profit From Your Training

Process credit card payments from your students and direct deposit funds directly into your bank account.

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