Know who’s present in class

Attendance keeps record of which students are present for your classroom lectures.  Factor students' attendance into their grade as either a fixed point value or as a percentage of the overall class grade.  AccuSkills automatically calculates, adjusts, and logs the attendance grades into GradeBook.

  • Keep track of your students' attendance and apply it as a specific amount of points or a percentage of the total class grade

Know who's where, when.... all the time

Making Attendace Easy

AccuSkills powerful Attendance tool saves you time when tracking your students' attendance in your classes.
Automatic Rosters

Automatic Rosters

No, you don’t have to manually enter or import the student roster into AccuSkills for every one of your classes. As students join your Class, they are automatically entered into the class roster, and directly into GradeBook. This makes keeping attendance simple.

Auto-Grading Attendance

Auto-Grading Attendance

AccuSkills gives you two powerful options for factoring the students’ attendance into their grades:

• As a fixed value - Enter a fixed point value (eg. 100 points) for the entire class, and AccuSkills will calculate how many points that student will earn based on his or her attendance.
• As a percentage of the grade - simply enter what percent of the overall class grade you would like to allot to attendance, and AccuSkills will calculate each student’s attendance grade accordingly. The attendance grade is always accurate and always updated in the GradeBook, even as you add new grades from tests and projects.

Attendance is yet another way AccuSkills makes your life easier so you can focus on what matters... your students.